The people of New Zealand have a great love for wine and there are a number of wineries spread out across the whole country. But there are also a few unique wineries which offer people a taste of art. Below are 3 of the best art wineries in New Zealand.

Brick Bay Wines

Brick Bay is an art winery located in the Matakana wine region on the coast. It hosts an extensive sculpture trail, a boutique vineyard, and an award-winning restaurant. Brick Bay has 4.5 hectares of vineyard which produce all the fruit used to make wine. The outdoor sculpture trail is a gallery in its own right. It showcases sculptures created by some of New Zealand’s most exciting artists. Most of the art pieces on display are usually up for sale so you can take home a piece which captures your eye or heart. Artists whose works are commonly on display include Chris Booth and Phil Price. Brick Bay also features a world-class restaurant which won an architectural award. Plus, they serve first class food which goes well with their homegrown and homemade wine.

Locharburn Wines

Located in central Otago, Locharburn Wines was founded by a wife and husband duo, Jenny and Chris Hill, who wanted to combine their passions and pursue their dreams. Chris Hill always had a profound love for wine while Jenny Hill is a mixed media and textile artist. Some of Jenny’s artworks are featured on the Locharburn wine label and can also be seen on walls around the winery house interior. Jenny is a self-taught artist and she likes working with textiles. She is also into photography, design, drawing, and painting. Apart from growing great fruit and making nice wine, Locharburn Wines is also blessed with stunning views of the alpine ranges. The combination of wine and the different types of art by Jenny Hill makes Locharburn Wines a unique art winery.


Sculpture is located just outside Matakana and an hour North of Auckland. It has 3 sculpture-filled gardens, an events space, 6 art galleries, a Rothko restaurant and bar, and a vineyard. It is a nice place for a group of friends or even a family. There is something for everyone to enjoy no matter what age group. The scenery is breathtaking and the food and drinks served are professionally prepared for the customer’s pleasure. When there, you can tour the vineyard and the galleries and sculptures. Made by talented artists from New Zealand.

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